Personal Trainer Bristol Testimonials


Whatever your health & fitness goals, whatever your focus, you can achieve it all when you train with me.  But don’t take my word for it, have a look at just what some of my clients have to say…

Ben has helped in the Physiotherapy Department at Bristol Rovers F.C and has displayed a thoroughly professional approach along with an exceptional knowledge in his role as a Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist. He has helped the Academy & 1st Team Players to aid their recovery post-training and also contributed to their rehabilitation from minor & more complex injuries. I have no hesitation in recommending Ben's services.

Steve Bissix, Academy Head of Medical, Bristol Rovers F.C

As a 'keeper I've got to keep myself flexible and able to react quickly. Tight muscles aren't going to help and could also lead to injury. Ben really made a difference in loosening me up and speeding up my recovery - he also identified & dealt with areas that were preventing full free movement. Top lad!

Steve Mildenhall, Goalkeeper, Bristol Rovers F.C

It's always frustrating when you pick up injuries and can't play - you just want to get out of the physio room and back on the pitch. I managed to pick up annoying niggly injuries in my back and pelvis, which sidelined me for a while. Along with the physio treatment, the sports massage from Ben was really beneficial in helping me return to match fitness. Definitely recommended - cheers.

Danny Greenslade, Defender, Bristol Rovers F.C

Training on a daily basis, playing regularly & taking knocks, really starts to take it out of you. I started getting problems with my back as the season went on, especially when we had to move to the astroturf pitches when the weather got really bad. The sports massage treatments that Ben sorted me out with really got me so much more mobile again, and playing to my full potential - I felt like I had a new back!

Jamie Lucas, Striker, Bristol Rovers F.C

I first started seeing Ben for sports massage a few weeks before I was due to have anterior cruciate ligament surgery (ACL), then continued for 5 months afterwards as part of my rehabilitation. It seems to take forever to recover from this sort of injury and everything seizes up. The sports massage has been a massive help in my recovery and also made me more aware of my body positioning and posture.

Mitch Palmer, Midfielder, Bristol Rovers F.C

Working for just ten weeks with Ben has helped to improve my swimming efficiency by 15%! I'm the UK female record holder for swimming underwater on one breath (freediving) so every stroke and muscle movement counts. Ben has helped me become stronger in my upper body, legs and core through fun and energising workouts. As I train in an unusual and niche sport, I was impressed that Ben had researched the biomechanics of my sport to design the best workout for me. He also encouraged me in those moments when your mind wants to give up, even when the body can keep going. That mental strength will help me when I push for a new record. Thanks Ben!

Rebecca Coales, 36, Freediver & current UK record holder

I've always previously struggled with motivation in gyms or for workouts and was fed up with not using my membership. The difference using a personal trainer was remarkable. Ben has found different ways of motivating me and keeping the training fun. Due to this I have gained much better results than I thought possible which has helped for my job and also for competitive sport. It has also improved my confidence. The thing that most stood out was the depth of knowledge that Ben has.

Liam, 29, Chiropractor

'When I first met Ben a few months ago I told him the type of training that I love and he has structured every session in line with that. This means that it is challenging/ painful but immense fun. My fitness has already changed, he has noticed where my technique needs adapting and has made a plan to help me achieve my goals. I look forward to getting fitter and stronger with Ben's help.

Vanessa, 37, Psychologist

I am not a natural cardio person but Ben was happy to tailor more strength based workouts for me and I was having a great time increasing my weights until I went and got pregnant. However, his help in the first part of my pregnancy has helped me stay fit and strong - with a month to go my ab muscles are making it difficult for the midwives to do their normal checks!

Sara, 40, Paramedic (And new Mum!)

Ben helped me prepare for my first marathon with regular massages. His work helped stay me injury free throughout a very intense training period. As a keen runner himself he also gave me plenty of training tips and exercises to do before and after my runs. Ben is very knowledgeable about all things sport and fitness and I advise all my running friends to go and see him. Book yourself in, you won't regret it!

Luke, 32, Quantity Surveyor

I was pointed in Ben's direction by recommendation after becoming injured with shin splints inbetween two half marathons. Without his work and advice I am pretty confident I wouldn't have made it round the 2nd race. Ben found the root cause of my injury and instead of just working on what was wrong he also worked on what made it wrong and helped get it right again. Each time I see Ben, normally every 3-4 weeks, he always checks and works on previous issues as well as attacking new ones I have. He provides me with any exercises/stretches that I can do at home and when training. Great service and a great bloke!

Heidi, 29, Senior Administrator

I am convinced that I have gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the practical essence of correct core control. Bens keen, calm, enthusiastic & professional approach in his lesson plans for YOUR goals/bodies abilities makes for a welcoming training environment, whilst his eagle-eyed guidance in the gym is credit to his passion and commitment, in ensuring that YOU achieve your best without doing damage. Go for it!

Alex, 29, Carpenter

Training with Ben, I have seen physical improvements and gained insights into my abilities that have enabled me to push harder for longer. I am an amateur ultra runner and have recently completed a 4 race series (33 mile, 40 mile, 50 mile and 42 mile respectively) in 6th position overall. Prior to training with Ben I was sub top 10... Bens support has me now aiming for top 5... who knows - maybe a podium! Top job Ben :D

Braddan, 35, Ultra-marathon runner

The main aspects I wanted to improve were my muscular strength and core control - particularly as I need to move my equipment round on a daily basis for my job. In just 4 weeks (2 sessions pw) I have seen rapid increases, beyond my expectations, in my strength & core control. Highly recommended!

Jim, 34, Photographer

I started training with Ben when I had lost all motivation to train properly for the Edinburgh marathon. With only 12 weeks to go until race day, Ben provided the support and drive I needed to regain focus. He helped me work on my strength and core stability – two areas I was seriously lacking in, and as a seasoned runner himself he was able to provide the psychological support I needed to face the distance training runs. Thanks Ben for your encouragement and belief in me to succeed.

Sian, 38, Civil Servant

Having started running just four years ago, I appreciated Ben's empathy and support while training for my first marathon. As always, his clear explanations showed how our gym training sessions would keep me on track to meet my running goals. I recently completed the Brighton Marathon (my first ever marathon) in 4:24:16, well within my target time.

Bernadette, 52, Pensions Advisor

Training with Ben has been one of the best things I've done in recent years. He constantly challenges me to do more, push harder and improve. I can't claim it's easy, but nothing really beats that feeling after an intense workout. Variation is key and Ben plans each session meticulously to ensure that the right bits get attention. Thanks Ben!

Jayne, 45, Managing Director

We decided that the semi-personal training option would allow us to split the costs, while having the added bonus of the 'co-operative competition' between us. We wanted to get fit through boxing drills and knew that Ben had the knowledge and experience. It was much more intense than anticipated (in a good way!), and Ben has a great ability to consider & develop our individual strengths and weaknesses. Love it!

Ben, 34, Graphic Designer & Jim, 34, Photographer