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Soft Tissue Therapy / Sports & Remedial Massage

Do you require freedom from muscular aches, pains, have an overuse injury, stiff joints or lack of flexibility?  If so, then you will greatly benefit from Soft Tissue Therapy / Sports & Remedial Massage.

Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy is often misconceived as either being; a) only for sports people / athletes, or, b) really painful.

While the “Sports” element of the title is, of course, recognition of it’s effective application to improve recovery rate and reduce the chance of injury in the sporting environment, the “Remedial” element refers to remedying an underlying issue, through assessment and treatment to relieve or help prevent chronic (ongoing) problems.  This is achieved by working on the soft tissue of muscles, tendons and ligaments.

This is also applicable to the ever sedentary desk-bound workforce of today.  Common problems including neck tension, upper and lower back pain, reduced shoulder mobility, stiff hip flexors, tight glutes, hamstrings and calves, are all issues that can be improved, and even prevented, through the effective use of Soft Tissue Therapy / Sports & Remedial Massage.

The massage therapy I deliver incorporates a variety of techniques and, working with you, we assess the body as a whole as well as the problem area.  Aftercare advice is also part of the process to assist you with your rehabilitation and continued progress to help prevent repeat occurrences.

So whether you require freedom of movement from everyday tightness, or if you’re looking to improve your exercise or sporting performance, then contact me now to get you back on track and functioning properly.

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