Personal Trainer Bristol Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Ok, so here are the obligatory T’s & C’s for the various packages that are on offer.  I have tried to keep them as clear and straightforward as I can, but if there is anything you are not sure about, please either drop me an email, or call, so that I can clarify / rectify the situation.  (I’d much rather be helping you reach your health & fitness goals, than be poring through paperwork with a solicitor!)

Yours in good health,


Free 1:1 personal training session

1) A successful referral is one where the referred client has completed & paid for 5 or more sessions (after their initial free consultation).

2) The free 1:1 PT session can be taken once the referred client has taken their 5th session (after their initial free consultation).

3) One free 1:1 PT session can be taken for every new client referred.

4) This offer is open to existing clients as well as non-clients


Corporate Offers

1) The “Corporate Offer” is available on request only.

2 a) Four or more employees from the same company must be regularly training with Ben Andrews Personal Training every week.  This can be made up of any combination of Personal (1:1), Semi-Personal (2:1) or Small Group (3:1) training.  Eg, a) Four individuals taking Personal Training, or, b) Two individuals taking Personal Training and two different individuals taking Semi-Personal Training.

2 b) The offer is only open to the named employee, with which the offer of contract has been signed.  It is not transferable to another employee of the company when the named employee is unable to attend.  (Eg; if the employee has signed up for the “Corporate Offer” and, for example, goes on holiday, then they may not let another employee take their place temporarily.)

3) Company identification will be required and background checks may carried out.

4) The “Corporate Offer” contract is between the individual employee and Ben Andrews Personal Training.  This contract does not bind the company and Ben Andrews Personal Training in any way.

5) The “Corporate Offer” is currently not applicable for any classes.

6) All bookings are subject to the availability of Ben Andrews – Personal Trainer.

7) This offer is open to new customers only.

8) The Terms & Conditions of the Personal, Semi-Personal and Small Group Training, are applicable to the “Corporate Offer”.



Ben Andrews Personal Training reserve the right to amend or withdraw offers at any time.

In the event of the desired training facility or venue becoming unavailable or unsafe to use, then Ben Andrews Personal Training will not be held liable.  Ben Andrews Personal Training will endeavour to find a suitable alternative and will make every effort to contact the client(s) at the earliest opportunity.

Standard Personal Training Contract

The attached link is an example of a standard contract, whereby the 1:1 Personal Training option for one session per week, has been selected.  The prices will be different if the client wishes to opt for any of the other Personal Training options.

Link to PDF BAPT Standard Client Contract 1:1 PT