Personal Trainer Bristol FITT Principles

30 July 2013
30 July 2013, Comments: Comments Off on FITT Principles

Within the ‘Principles of Training’ (see previous blog) we also have a sub-section known as the FITT principles;

Frequency – How OFTEN are you training in a week?  More is not necessarily better (see the ‘Recovery’ section, in the previous ‘Principles of Training’ blog).

Intensity – How HARD are your training sessions?  These are often calculated by using a percentage of your maximum heart rate or, for a quicker and easier check, your ‘rate of perceived exertion’.

Time – How LONG are you training for?  This applies primarily to the length of your individual training sessions, the microcycle (1 or 2 weeks), or the mesocycle (3 – 4 weeks, but can vary) of your periodised training plan.  (“Periodised Training Plan” blog, coming soon!)

Type – What TYPE of training are you engaging in?  Eg, the sprinter and the endurance runner will engage in very different types of training.

Constant training is going to lead to overtraining and possible injury.  Without a proper plan from a personal trainer then there’s every chance that you will not be training to your maximum potential.